Funfetti Confetti

Grand Birthday Gestures, Simplified

Go behind the scenes of birthday cake magic. Find tips and tricks that instantly make you a celebration expert.

Cupcake Toppers

Add even more “pop” to the party with these easy-to-print Dinosaur, Unicorn Horn, and Party Hat toppers.

Frosting Message Toothpick Hack

Writing on a cake with a bag of frosting may seem daunting. Use this simple trick for a beautifully written “Happy Birthday!” every time.

Cake Cutting Crowd-Pleaser

If you’re cutting cake for a crowd, this smart serving tip ensures everyone gets a fair piece of Funfetti® perfection.

Plastic Bag Frosting Tip

Get fancy with frosting without the professional decorating kit. Just grab a resealable plastic bag and you have your own piping bag in seconds!

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